Superphono is the new way to listen to your personal music. You can control your personal music with your person personal assets. Everything can be made into your representative for an artist, an event (playlist) or an album from a specific artist, like in the days you collected CD or vinyls.

To control our music while scrolling through lists of items like in nowadays music software is very unromantic and not very pleasant. Superphono brings back the sympathetic experience of having a unique item with all your memories for a specific event. Just place your object on the backlit top and the music starts to play. Give it a twist to boost or reduce volume, or push it to the left or right to skip back an forth trough your  list of tracks. To stop playback, just grab your gadget and put back were it was.

This proof of concept was built using vvvv to control interaction and audio output and EyesWeb to grab the video from the tagged objects.

External Media:

    • Functional concept demo video on Vimeo