For almost two decades I am working in the field of interaction design and user experience engineering.

I conceptualize and design interactive systems utilizing the user centered design approach to generate a best possible user experience. My aim – and luckily sometimes the consequence of designing one initial interactive product – is to realize a holistic and consistent branded interaction. 

After and during concept and design, I create viable prototypes or visionary proof of concepts to better illustrate the ideas for different stakeholders. Last but not least planning and accompanying the implementation process is crucial to get the best possible product. 

No matter if it is on- or offline, on desktop, mobile or in an embedded environment – interesting problems need perfect solutions. 

As a studied industrial designer – for me – software is a product in itself. But the real fun starts in the interlinkage of soft- and hardware. Solving problems and splitting them up into feasible smaller parts is what I do when writing software concepts, designing UIs and coding prototypes. 

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